Multiband Compression turning off when playing MIDI in Ableton

I am working on macOS 13.2.1 (Ventura) and I have the 1.5 Vital version and I use it in Ableton Live 11.1. Since the last few days Vital keeps turning off the compressor when I play MIDI. It’s kinda weird because I’ve been using this synth version over 1 and a half year now and it always worked out fine…
It also didn’t work in the 1.0.7 Version.
Maybe somebody out there can help me out?

Does it happen with a new empty project? Could there be some rogue automation at play?

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tried it with an empty project, nothing has changed
it’s not like the compressor is completely turning off. It’s just not working.

Go into the compressor section and right click everything and unmap midi learn.