Multi-Sample noise oscillator

Is it possible for a synth like Vital to have a multi-sampler?

Like you can import multiple samples and trigger each one with different notes.

Not really no.

I’d say that’s more of a job for your stock daw sampler, so I don’t think Vital will be pushing in that direction.

That being said, I use Ableton so I do actually have some Instrument Racks saved that contain layers of vital pads on top of sampler pads, so you might be able to get something similar in your daw, if you were looking for handy layering!

I knew there is a lot of features in the DAW that can achieve the same thing, but when it comes to making presets for others that would be a game changer.

Maybe something like Decent Sampler and it’s ecosystem is more what you’re looking for? I see this as a very different device / concept than Vital.

Decent Sampler Plugin [FREE] - decent|SAMPLES with a lot of content also here: Sample Packs – pianobook

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don’t even need multisample, just the ability to modulate the play position of the sample player. then you could for example use a wavetable of different noises or anything you want and scan the position of that wavetable based on velocity.

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What I am looking for is to emphasize the sample by adding a specific modulated waveform and then have the ability to do something like LFO automation on the sample.

I just wonder if synths like Serum and Vital can bring samples into a noise oscillator then how hard would that be to make it become a multi-sampler?

I don’t know anything about coding so just wondering.

Decent Sampler is great, but it can not do stuff like that.

But the wavetable is limited to 256 frames.

If I convert a sound into a wavetable it will never sound accurate on its own.

The reason I want a multi-sampler being in a synth like Vital is to look for the accuracy of specific timbre and I want to emphasize that timbre with effects and some waveforms.

I’ve never found a synth that can do stuff like that, just hope Matt can pull this through.

He is a genuine genius

Of course, I can just simply layer samples on top of the synth and put that together in a bus channel then put the effects on, but that can not be preset for a synth.

i mean, at present the sampler now is probably years behind doing anything like multisamples, almost to the point that i dare even say it will likely not ever happen. the best thing we can hope for realistically as i see it is a sustain loop section and possibly a play position controller.

Instead of a multisample OSC i would prefer to see the abbility to load longer Wavetables…

Sounds to me like you want a sampler, not a synth.