Mr. Bill Presets

I have heard that all version (free-pro) come with the Mr. Bill presets. I have the $25 early access version and I do not have the same presets that other people have. Were these released on launch day? How do I update my factory presets?


If you go to your Vital library and delete the packs.json file it should redownload the factory presets and install them including the new ones. If not let me know!


I tried doing this but nothing happened when I booted Vital. I’m also one of the early access buyers.

If you rename the entire folder that might fix this. I’ll need to double check why it’s not triggering if the packs.json file is missing.


I renamed packs.json to old_packs.json for safety. It did work. I have all the patches now.
This happened under linux for your information if that matters
Thank you!

Had similar issues. What helped for me was the following:

Close Vital.
Rename Documents\Vital to something else. Rename %AppData%\Vital to something else. Reopen and re-login to vital.

Edit: guess Vital is kind of a religion, thanks auto-correct but I meant re-login…

Thanks, this did the trick! Should have mentioned before that I’m using windows in case that helps.

This worked for me on my laptop. Thank you. I will see if it works on my desktop. Also, can you flag this thread? I accidentally withdrew it yesterday so it will automatically be deleted soon. I think it should stay up for other people to see.

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There is a folder of presets called Mr. Bill?
I have Pro and I don’t recall seeing them.

There is a Billain, which are truly fantastic.
Are those the ones being referred to as Mr. Bill?

billain and mr bill are separate producers who both worked on factory content for the synth.

So I indeed don’t have Mr. Bill.