MPE won't activate when using Vital as VST in Bitwig

So I recently got a Seaboard Block off Reverb, and have been using it with Bitwig’s synths, Serum, and a couple of other plugins. However when I try to use Vital, the MPE simply doesn’t seem to detect, even when I press the MPE Enable switch in the Advanced settings. It works when I use standalone Vital, and the exact same MIDI/instrument track in Bitwig will translate the MPE perfectly on the aforementioned synths like Phase 4, Serum, etc, but I can’t seem to figure out what the issue is here.

When I load a patch in Vital (as a vst in Bitwig) it just acts like a MIDI controller, sending single notes without any pitchbends or slides, but as mentioned before, it behaves as expected when I set it up in standalone Vital.

I don’t quite get the notion of “exact same MIDI channel in Bitwig” MPE normally uses all 16 Channels (one per vouce in a round robin fashion) to accomplish poly slides etc. So I would guess you have to set your channel to omni. However I don’t know Bitwig, so take that with a grain of salt.

When I say ‘channel’ I really meant track, I just didn’t think it through when I typed it out - my mistake

When you click on the plugin ‘box’ on bitwig, on the inspector click on ‘Use MPE’ and it works. I don’t know why it doesn’t automatically work this out itself, but hey. This made it work for me.