MPE slide not registering CC74 in a helpful way in this context

Hi, it looks like when I send mpe CC74 on channels 2-7 on my guitar synth controller vital does a couple of unhelpful things in this context

  1. It does not read changing CC values on the same channel until that channel gets a note-off I think
  2. When a note off is received, the slide CC74 snaps back to the mid position like the pitch wheel instead of staying put like a mod wheel, which is the desired behavior. Could there be a couple of options for the behavior, one absolute which acts like a mod wheel and the other with the default behavior? Pigments has this, but it has other problems with its implementation.

Here is a quick vid, might help but might be too blurry to read everything from the midi monitor.

Just subscribed. Will love Vital even more if I can gt MPE working on my guitar synth controller (It is supposed to be mpe compatible since it has a setting to have each string be its own channel)

May I ask what your guitar controller is? What model? One channel per string is not the same as MPE, in fact the one channel per string trick has been used since the 80ies for guitar synthes, so long before MPE.

Thanks for replying @lokki Yes, yes, it is not new tech, but my understanding is that I can make it work for MPE because it can send data out (notes, pitchbends, CCs) on separate channels.

It is a standard Roland Hex Pickup with a thirteen pin cable, running into an axon AX50 midi converter.
The Axon has a neat feature of being able to send a CC of your setting from the position of your pick when it strikes the string (i.e., pick nearer the neck, low value for CC, near the bridge, higher). It sends this per string as well.

MPE notes are working fine this way. MPE seems to take whatever it gets as long as it gets separate channels.

The separate notes are working in vital, and the CC trick is working. The problem is that it will not accept any continuous CC data, which seems like a problem in a continuous controller.
You can see this in the midi monitor in the vid if it is not too blurry. The first value is read when a new string is struck, but subsequent plucks on the same string register the new note, but not the new CC value. The only way to get a new CC value on the string is to let the first note go completely to note off. When it receives a note off, it snaps back to center like a pitch wheel instead of a modwheel, which would keeps its place til the next CC. This is a software setting since the MPE standard as I read it will allow for unipolar, bipolar and absolute reading of the data, and I dont see why it needs to get a note off before reopening the continuous controller data.
Pigments has its own trouble (or more accurately, I’m having trouble with pigments!) – it is not reading any CC values at all – but it has settings for CC number to use for the Y/Slide, and a choice of unip0olar relative, bipolar relative, and absolute for how it reads the data. For the few seconds I have gotten it to work, it read the CC messages continuously and correctly on the same string, no prob.

I am pretty sure I am asking for things that are within the MPE protocol, but I have not worked through the whole doc yet and I keep learning as I do. If you can help me get the last 40% of MPE working, that would be awesome, or if I can see where the shortcomings in my controller are specifically, I might be able to play around with remapping to get them to work.

On the separate string thing, I have a song from long before MPE where I play six synths, one per string, with six mod wheels set up. That was fun!

Nice! I used to own an Axon!! What I can tell you is that continuous control with cc74 is most definitely working fine in vital, i have a midi bass synth (diy) where pressure on the “string” is mapped to cc74. It even works in non MPE mode :slight_smile:

It might be, that it snaps back to a default position on a note off, since I send continuous data i would not notice.

And you are right, a channel per string setup can be made working with MPE.

I am not at my computer right now, so no point watching that video for now…