MPE issue - Y axis is pre mapped to some modulation

I have been using Vital for the past few weeks and this issue has started happening, don’t now when as it wasn’t originally there. If I move on the Y axis on an MPE controller it changes the sound in a very glitched manner. It appears that the Y axis is pre-mapped to some modulation. I was using 1.0.8 and moved back to 1.0.7, and it still happens. Under Win 10, using Ableton 11 and Linnstrument. I only realised the issue was the Y axis when I disabled the Y axis on controller and it stopped modulating in that glitched way. Don’t think it is an Ableton issue as no other MPE VST does this. Everything else is great with Vital, in love with it and was ready to buy an upgrade - but need to wait till issue is fixed as it is fairly useless to use the Y axis for control. Had an issue for weeks, checked on forum to find this bug being posted but no info found. So I decided to post.

Y isn’t premapped but you may want to make sure you didn’t accidentally connect MIDI learn somewhere if a knob is changing


Thank you so much. I couldn’t find anything mapped so I did a search for the config file, and within that I could see that the Phaser On/Off was mapped to MIDI. So I deleted the mapping within Vital on Phaser and issue is resolved. Don’t know how that happened but all fixed now - brilliant.

EDIT: Upon loading older Vital setups within Ableton I noticed some of the pitching X axis in MPE can be wonky upon loading the file - sounds out of key from what was recorded. Not sure if it is a pitching thing in Vital or Ableton, but on standard MIDI Ableton sometimes doesn’t reset the pitch wheel modulation. But Vital or Ableton appears to be carrying over MPE X axis pitching upon playing a track. I’ll have a play with this and see if I can nail down the issue for a separate post- but the handling of X axis pitching seems off on carrying over the pitching from the end of the track to the start.

This is an ableton bug, I don’t think they send a new pitch bend message on a new note on. Vital uses the last pitch bend sent on a channel so a note can start with a non-zero pitch bend (which is a pretty common use case).

Here’s a relevant part of the MIDI spec:

Thanks for your help. I’ll be buying the full hit of Vital in the coming weeks, so impressive. I am on to requesting a fix from Ableton already :wink: