MPE function fails with Studio One 5 Pro

Mac OSX Catalina // Studio One 5 Professional

I’ve been experiencing a consistent bug using Vital inside Studio One 5 Professional.
After finding that MPE has to be enabled and isn’t on by default (which makes no sense) in order to use Pitch Bend and Mod Wheel; it only operates the Pitch Wheel. Mod wheel “moves” when I touch my keyboard and displays on the synth GUI. However it doesn’t engage with the synth or any assigned parameters. So as it stands I can’t even use it.

Additionally, whenever I open a new project I have to click MPE off and on again, because it doesn’t keep settings engaged. Imagine having to try and remember that every time you open your project and when you might have several instances of the synth running.

I really hope the developers read this and fix these bugs because these are basic functions of any synth. Also it really makes no sense that the synth opens with these switched off. They should be on by default.

If anyone has had this issue and found a permanent solution let me know.