'MPE Enabled' and 'Vel Trk' *GLOBAL* setting

Could we have a global setting for MPE Enabled and for VEL TRK. I need to have these two activated at all time and I’d love to set that once, by default, rather than setting and resaving, everytime I switch preset. I’m probably not the only one working with MPE and velocity now :slight_smile: Thanks so much! I love Vital, Vital is my friend.

Edit: as Pitch range has to be set to match the value of MPE controllers, maybe pitch range also could be a global setting. I always need to adjust the range to match my controller.


MPE should absolutely be global. I’m surprised it’s not.

Velocity sensitivity, just be aware that knob does not enable/disable keyboard velocity; it just controls the amount that velocity controls the volume of the 3 oscillators and sampler. There are plenty of ways to make a velocity sensitive patch without using that knob; maybe velocity is directly mapped to volume for a custom curve, or to bypass one oscillator’s volume to use as a transient. Maybe velocity controls a filter cutoff or envelope attack instead. Etc. which is not to say you shouldn’t be “allowed” to lock that control but if it’s made global, a lot of patches that rely on it being set to a certain value would break.

What I’d rather see is the ability to lock ANY knob (including vel trk) when changing presets though.


Thank you for the interesting reply. Makes sense for Velocity. Also velocity controls envelope attack is something I’ve never tried before, must be quite expressive. I do hope MPE becomes a global setting, I have a midi controller with polyphonic aftertouch so I need MPE enabled most of the time.

you don’t need MPE for poly aftertouch, in fact it is the only per note modulation that was included in the old MIDI standard. i still agree though that MPE should be a global setting, and general “lockable” parameters would make my life much easier as well

Hey, good to know. although aftertouch on my controller won’t work unless Vital has MPE enabled.

Another thing that could be global is pitch range. Pitch range and MPE enabled are the two things I always have to adjust. Forgot to mention Pitch range in my post.

Yes, it makes sense the mpe function would differ, i believe this is because it is sending the notes and their respective CCs on seperate channels to facilitate the overall MPE functionality.