Move Vital Audio preset folders

Hi there, I wondered could someone help me please.

I have Vital Pro, running on MacOS Catalina, Macbook Pro 2015, using Logic Pro X.

I’ve just bought a new Sandisk Extreme Pro 1TB external SDD to try to salvage some storage space as my Macbook is sluggish.

I’d like to move my Vital Presets folder from my Macbook onto the new SDD (currently about 4gb of presets) but wondered is there a specific way to do this? When I launch Vital in Logic Pro X, it tries to auto find preset folders and so I’m not sure how to change their default location.

Many thanks in advance

Hi @darialanz

I don’t believe there is a way to set an alternative directory in Vital.
There is probably a config file that could be edited, but I don’t suppose that would be formally supported.
Have you tried creating an alias or symbolic link?
I’ve just read a post on the forum, which suggests that the latter might work.
I will give it a go later and feedback.

Just to report that symlinks seem to work :+1:

Note, before doing this:

  • Close Vital
  • Backup your vital folder :slight_smile:

So for me, Vital presets etc are in a folder here: ~/Music/Vital

I copied this Vital folder to my external drive (in Finder)

I then deleted the Vital folder in ~/Music (in Finder)

Then in the terminal, I typed: ln -s /Volumes/<name of your drive>/Vital ~/Music

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As an alternative to symlinks, if you delete the Vital folder in ~/Music and then launch Vital, Vital will prompt you to select a folder for all the presets to be installed into.

You can select this folder whilst Vital downloads the packs, and then when the download is complete, click “install”.

You can then copy other packs you’ve created / acquired from your backup copy of the Vital folder to the new location.

Hey Andrew, thanks so much that’s really helpful. I’ll try that and see how I get on


Hi, darialanz, how did it work for you?