Mouse scroll wheel fine/micro edit

One of my favorite things in vital that is so simple is editing parameters with the mouse scroll wheel when hovering over a control/modulation. Holding Shift + scroll allows you to change the Transpose by octaves, for example. But what I would like to be able to do is hold ctrl/shift/alt while I do this so that I can adjust the range on the smallest possible scale and really fine tune the value. When you hold ctrl and click/drag the parameter it lets you do this, but it would be a little more precise if you could also do this per click of the scroll wheel.


Yes iam with you, should be a good feature, get rid of clicking…


Hello everybody!

I am visually impaired but I can use the computer (OSX) through various accessibility features built into the operating system.

I don’t know if it’s because of the zoom I use or if it’s an issue with the Apple trackpad, but when I try to change a numerical parameter with the scroll wheel, the values jump out of control. For this reason I came to the forum to request this fine-tuning functionality with some modifier key and I saw that someone wuzdiP had already suggested it, I’m just reinforcing the idea of its usefulness.


  1. This problem only happens on numeric values. In parameters adjusted through knobs, everything works perfectly smooth, without the big jumps in values.

  2. I tried to disable the inertia (acceleration) function of the scroll, but without success.

  3. Synths where it works without issue: Alchemy, Zebra 2.

  4. It also happens in Helm, although with a smaller “degree of wildness” on the values jump

Other than that, having a lot of fun with this amazing piece of software.