Mouse and touch screen don't work together - a Vital specific issue

I use Vital in Reaper as well as many other VSTs. I have a problem which affects Vital, both when used as standalaone or as VST. Under Windows 10 (and now 11) I use a standard wireless mouse and a NextWindow touch screen. Because of the layout of my home studio it helps to be able to use either. In all other VSTs I can use both devices interchangeably. But In Vital the mouse works fine until I touch the screen and use the touchscreen to change something - then Vital won’t respond to the mouse until I close the UI and open it again. It looks like the touch screen has captuired the window’s attention and it is ignoring the mouse. Other VSTs and other winndows programs don’t have this behaviour.
I don’t know what underlying language is used to develop Vital, but has anyone else had a similar issue? Can you explain it or even better offer me a solution?