More strange attractors :)

Love the inclusion of the Lorenz Attractor mod, has been the secret sauce for some of my favorite patches. Outside of Vital have had a lot of fun playing around with max objects from Tim Hoogland’s Strange Attractor synth which in addition to Lorenz includes:

  • Aizawa Attractor
  • Arneodo Attractor
  • Burke-Shaw Attractor
  • Chen-Lee Attractor
  • Thomas Attractor
  • Hadley Attractor
  • Halvorsen Attractor
  • Thee-Scroll Unified Chaotic System Attractor
  • Coullet Attractor
  • Dadras Attractor

I’ve found that as modulators these can bring about great results in physical modeling, adding a sort of chaotic realism to cacophonous metallic screeching and other far-out material sounds. Don’t really understand enough about them to say which ones specifically most useful but would be thrilled to have any as another option for experimentation.

Probably not a very widely desired feature but it’s something I’d absolutely love to have in Vital.

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