More software for music production - teasers?

There is said when you buy the subscription that you have “First acces to new plugins”…
Any teasers here what are or could be the new plugins? I’m really curious about this because I love Vital and I can’t wait for what comes next :smirk:


Not sure that with this avatar anyone wants to discuss the subject.

Well at least you answered so it’s on a good way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What’s wrong with the avatar?

He thought my avatar with the middle finger, he felt offended maybe, but still i have no answers :pensive:
This forum is strange, so many questions with no answers, but I understand if Matt do this all on his own he doesn’t have much time left for chatting with us here.

All right, it doesn’t matter. No one knows what will happen next, what updates await us. I’ve been using this visual synthesizer for a long time now, if you only knew how much it helps me in creating quality music. I tried to use Vital to compare the sound and bit quality with conventional studio equipment. That’s a huge difference! Shortly, I will organize a musical tour in collaboration with amw. It will be a big trip through 6 different countries with my solo album, I’m excited.The Vital software helped me in creating every track on my album, so I’m happy for any update, if the developers decide to give us that.