More preset genre etc

current vital has:

id like to add
Arpeggio/ Etc
as subgenre that can branch off from main genre.
so its still easy to organize its not cluttered with many genres its just subgenres branching off from main genre and gain extra more way to find sound that you want

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I sympathize with the challenge of trying to find the balance between specific categories and broadly usable categories. It is hard to develop a comprehensive taxonomy of presets.

I might say I want dub stabs, power chords and ethereal as my categories.

If we polled a hundred people here we probably get a hundred different categories. Categories will be nice - freeform tags would be nice - but they won’t group the patches into meaningful groups.

I mean, what good would it do if pads were broken into warm pads, cool pads, soft pads, bright pads, etc?

Now if we had high-level categories like we do today, and we had freeform tags, that could be interesting. Especially if we had 5000 community presets. The categories might sort themselves out into really great fine-grained categories.

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yes custom tag will be nice

I’m only missing one tag: Pluck.