Mono, glide not working properly

The synth sounds weird when using these functions compared to Ableton’s Wavetable and Serum, it doesn t feel like true mono

Are you looking for legato? Might be good to post an example of what you’re talking about.

I m already using the legato fuction, so here is the example ( i tried with always glide off, it s the same) , while using Wavetable or Serum with the exact same settings, the output is exactly the same each time the notes are playing, while with Vital, it seems the sound output is changhing slighlty each time, If I m missing somthing please tell me and I m sorry, great synth btw, my fav so far :slight_smile:

Turn phase randomization off. The % control on phase in the oscillators

omg lol im so dumb thanks!