Modwheel stepping

Hello, I have some problem with mod wheel in Vital: when I choose mod wheel as source and filter cutoff as destination I can hear pretty stepping when I change cutoff with wheel… at the same time if I use just cutoff knob - its pretty smooth and nice. Aspacially its shows up when I’m using B/P/N algorithm of filter on higher notes. As midi controller Im using Native Instruments Kontrol 49MK3 and in other software synths it works great…
So maybe I missed something and there is somewhere some settings for sensitivity of modewheel or something… Thank U

Mod wheels usually send only 7bit midi. For parameters in the frequency domain that’s bound to produce audible discrete steps.

Maybe. But in other synths (Dune 3, DiscoveryPro, Serum etc) mod wheel works pretty the same as knob, so in Vital it sounds different. Much more stepping.

not here (with keystep)
maybe try another keyboard ?

Works exactly the same for me in Vital and other synths. Maybe check with a midi monitor what’s going on.

I have different midi controllers and synths… so just now I tried my Waldorf Iridium Keyboard - I still hear steps when use wheel as control for cutoff. I think developers have to check this out.

The only way to get a smooth midi control over cutoff with a sufficiently wide mod wheel modulation is to use a keyboard that sends 14bit mod wheel data and a synth that understands that.

I repeat, all other synths (Dune 3, DiscoveryPro, Serum etc) works great with assigning wheel to any parameters. And yes, when I record midi data in Ableton - I see pretty steps points in automation clip, and yes, I can simplify it in Ableton so it would be perfectly smooth, but the point is that any other synths just sounds smoother with same settings… Maybe Vital developers can find some solution how to Anti-aliase wheel so it can SOUND more smooth when using mod wheel.

have you checked if there is no midiassignement for the modwheel ?

might be the cause for some glichyness
might happen acidentally (without user knowledge)

Nothing like that