Modwheel not working whatever I try

Hey all,

I work with Vital (VST not vst 3) on Windows and Ableton Live 11. Whatever I try, I can’t get the modwheel to work.

I have tried activating the MPE function on the advanced tab and it fixed a few problems like my pitchwheel and my sustain pedal which were not working without MPE but no luck for my modwheel.

Despite searching for a similar problem on the forum, I have only found a few topics resembling mine but couldn’t find anything that fixed my problem. If someone knows about this issue and how to fix it I’m all ears. Quite a frustrating issue since it was working perfectly for me when I was on OSX and Logic Pro

Hoping to be able to use this fabulous synth in it’s full capacity very soon

Thanks for your help eveybody

Can you midi learn anything to your mod wheel?

Just tried. Actually I can, yes

If you really need to use the mod wheel while trying to figure out the problem, you could just map it to a macro

Haven’t though about that but I could indeed. Though I’m still losing an easy access macro by not being able to use the modwheel by itself. Not the perfect solution but it’ll do the trick for now. Thanks for the suggestion man, I should have thought about it before actually.

The thing I just noticed is even weirder though. The modwheel seems to work when I move it on the plugin UI with my mouse but not when I directly move the physical modwheel on my midi keyboard, even though I can still see the animation of the modwheel on Vital’s UI. Really weird isn’t it ?

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Your problem is most likely in the MPE settings of live, not vital. Try disabling MPE in the instrument settings in live (and also in the advanced tab of vital).

I have the exact same issue. The mod wheel on my NI shows it moving inside the plugin, but I have it set to a filter and not a drop of change. I have to use my mouse inside the plugin and then the filter comes back. If I touch the mod wheel, filter stops reacting inside the plugin. So weird.

I will add here, that the modwheel works fine in VST3 - just not in VST2

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I am experiencing the same issue, although I’m using MacOS with Ableton Live 11.

I was able to resolve the issue by forcing Ableton to use the VST3 version of Vital, but I suffered the exact same problem when using the VST2 version of Vital.

Enabling and disabling MPE did not help.

For what it’s worth, I am using a Nord Stage 2 as the MIDI controller.

You have to enable/disable MPE not in the Plugin but in the Ableton view of it (bottom part of the screen, the collapsed instrument view, little dot/circle) did you try that as well?

Thanks, saved me a ton of time!