Modwheel doesn't work in Live11 when Vital is mpe-enabled

Hey there,

If you load Vital (vst3 here) in Live11, right-click its header to “enable-mpe” (which is needed in L11 to make plugins use MPE), Vital will not react to an external modwheel anymore.
The GUI modwheel does work, though.
No problem when Vital is not “mpe enabled”.


It’s a host problem.
The MW works only for channel 1, I think, it in the mpe specification and a live limitation.
I’m pretty sure the mw could works per channel but I need to try.
I’m constantly use mpe and it works nicely in Vital in live situation.
I need to record it into cubase and see what happens. But if you can record you Mw per channel, no problem, Vital is fully operational in mpe mode.

Seems like a Vital problem as I can reproduce the behavior in Bitwig.

Mw usually works on channel 1.

Certainly Vital’s MPE implementation is not complete. I stumbled upon a similar problem in Bitwig with the sustain pedal. Reviewing a recording I made shows it clearly:
My sustain pedal sent on channel 1 is not passed on to all voices. Channel 1 is the global channel and everything sent on channel 1 should be passed on to all voices.
I don’t want to hack a solution I want working MPE…

It sure isn’t a host restriction. Same happens in Reaper as well with the modwheel and it sure is unexpected.

It is of course super cool to be able to use modwheel as an extra polyphonic expression message, but the global channel should definitely work. One must not even exclude the other, ch1 could work as a value offset, adding its value to the other channel’s modwheel messages (within the 0-127 restriction). Or go the easy way out and let the user decide whether to use global or polyphonic modwheel without a safety net (risking fighting values if both is used at the same time), still better than the current situation.

Channel 1 sustain pedal as well as pitchbend do work for me in MPE mode as expected.