Modwheel assigns to last control used

I found a strange bug.
The modwheel (CC 1) gets assigned to the last control used without using the learn midi functionality.
If I for example turn one of the macros, change the unison value or use any other control, even just left click on any control, the modwheel gets assigned to that control.
The clear midi option does not appear even tho the modwheel gets assigned to that function.
It doesn’t matter if the control is changed by the mouse or by an already assign midi controller, the modwheel gets assigned to that control. (But only gets assign to the last used, so only one control at the time)

This bug is only in the VST version and not in stand alone.
I’m on v1.07 and oses Ableton 11.2.11

try the 1.5.5 version to see if the bug persists

Unfortunately the bug persist on 1.5.5 as well.
Last function/control that is used/changed get assigned to the modwheel
The new indication for midi assignment don’t turn on tho