Modulator assignment deactivated on formant filters

Assigned modulation wheel to X/Y filter sliders deactivates when switching to the formant filter. Happens in effects tab filter. Recovers when switching to another filter.

Latest version? 1.0.7?

Indeed 1.0.7

Nice catch, it happens in version 1.0.3 as well. It happens to the X/Y and the Formant Transpose Slider too.

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Indeed. I think this is because the Formant filter is the only filter with X and Y. All the other filters have cutoff/res in Hz/Semitones. Different knobs.

In most plugins the same happens when you switch (on a delay for instance) between ms and synced. If you assign something to the delay length in ms, it isn’t linked to the length when synced to a BPM/DAW.

I think this is the same thing; different parameters

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I agree!

Yeah they’re actually different parameters that are put on the screen (and cutoff/resonance are removed). When I was making those parameters I couldn’t figure out how to get the switch to play nicely with plugin parameter lists (names/values and such) but I may revisit this.