Modulation problems when using more than 3 sources!

So if I have a clean init preset and I take 1 Lfo to let´s say volume on and modulate it in a positive direction. Then I´ll take the same Lfo and modulate let’s say panning in a positive direction. Now when I take the same Lfo the third time and assign it to the filter cutoff and modulate it also in the positive direction, when I hit my Push2 the filter will go in a negative direction even if I correct to the positive direction it will jump back to negative.

So it´s when I have 3 modulation sources then the problems start with the negative value
then I tried making it bipolar that works but then the value is maxed out (Full on or nothing)

It has never been a problem before.
Does that make any sense???

I use Ableton live 11 with my Push2
I’m on a MacOs Catalina

There’s a common problem where people have been accidentally assigning MIDI controls to knobs/sliders. When you create the 3rd connection I’d right click on the slider (in the matrix or one of the circles and see if there’s a “Clear MIDI Assignment” option.

In the next version I’m going to outline midi learned controls (so people can see which ones are mapped) and probably filter out some of the lesser common sources.


Thanks Tytel

That helped :slightly_smiling_face: