Modulation 'amount' rotary indicator confusing

Vital is AWESOME!

However, the rotary modulation indicator display is troublesome - it goes around twice for ‘-1’ to ‘+1’.

  • yes, I am aware there is a ‘value’ box that appears when you click on it - but it is impossible at a quick glance to know where the value is (ie minus? or a plus value?) when eye-balling the synth (!)

Have you thought about making the knobs NOT go around twice and instead going around just once (from 6 o’clock to 6 o’clock!?)

That would make life EASY when simply glancing with your eyes across the synth…

I only have a problem when they are set to either -1 or +1, because you can’t easily see which one it is. But if it’s not maxed out, just look at which side has most negative space (non-filled). Left means positive value, right means negative.

It would be helpful if negative and positive values would have separate colors though, since it would give an indication even when it’s maxed in either direction.


It’s really infuriating.

A change of colour or pattern on the icon for ‘maxed out to the left’ vs ‘maxed out to the right’ could easily solve this problem, without it ruining the presets of previous versions!

It seems like such an oversight.

Eg with serum and other synths (eg in live) you can visually ‘see’ instantly which direction a knob / pot is turned.

I agree. However, Matt is working pretty hard on a new/refurbished UI for the next update. Let’s hope this will be addressed as well.
For now, i use the mod matrix for this kind of stuff.

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