Modulating the envelope?

I noticed in some of the presets that there two ADSR curves on some of the envelopes, and that they can modulate.

What do they do and how is this done?

Is there a reference to this somewhere?


Hi @gltvenuti

Yes, the components of the envelope can be modulation destinations.
For example, you can modulate attack with velocity to give you a soft or biting sound depending on how hard you hit a key.

I think the second curve visible is the modulated version of the envelope.

Hi…I get what you saying

In such a case usually you can see that there’s a line shape and a shaded shape on the envelope.
That indicates that the envelope has been modulated somewhere.
When you modulate an envelope parameter, the original amount of the parameter is seen as the line kinda outline, whereas after modulation the envelope is shown by the shaded area…
I’m sorry if you didn’t understand, my bad …
I’ll try to include a screenshot soon.