Modulated modulator visually resets on GUI close


I’ve noticed that if I for example modulate any envelope’s amount with velocity, close the GUI and open it back up again, the circle that represents the amount visually resets to zero. However, it still functions as it was before closing. Check it out…

The Bug video

Love this synth and I hope this bug gets fixed soon.

I’m on the latest Windows 10 running Reaper 6.

*Update, 24/Jan/2021

The bug exists in the 1.0.5 of the synth as well.

The described bug persists in the 1.0.8 version of the instrument as well. :disappointed:

Sorry about the delay. Are you using the VST3? Do you know if this happens with the regular VST plugin?

That’s OK…
Yes, I am using the VST3 version and the bug persists no matter which version of the plugin I run. It’s been so with every update of the plugin unfortunately.

I have a fix for this that’ll come out in version 1.0.9
Thanks for the report.

Wonderful! Thank you very much!