Modulate Modulators with x*(y+1) rather than x*y

Currently working on a synth patch where I’ve got your typical plucky lowpass filter and I wanted to make the range of the filter’s envelope expand upward with an LFO, but it seems that the current behavior is to multiply the envelope level with the LFO level (I’m in unipolar mode, bipolar made it worse for my goal obviously), resulting in a filter envelope that goes far lower than what I wanted, in that it appears to go toward a range of 0 as the LFO reaches zero.

To clarify, it seems that the maths behind this is Envelope Level * (LFO Level * LFO Modulation Amount), resulting in an Envelope Level what decreases to zero unless you make a separate LFO whose lowest points are 0.5 rather than 0.0.

What I expected and wanted was for the unipolar LFO to extend the range of the envelope as the LFO level increased, with maths like Envelope Level * (LFO Level * LFO Modulation Amount + 1.0) which would allow an LFO Modulation Amount of 0.0 to simply have no effect whatsoever on the Envelope Level, which seems more in line with what a modulation amount of zero suggests.

The current behavior is no doubt useful, but having this as an option akin to Bipolar / Unipolar in the modulation amount controller wheel’s right-click menu would be A+. Suggested names for UI perhaps + 1 or +1, I’m not sure what would succinctly convey the difference in behavior without actually using the feature and finding out, though that’s how many things are anyway to no harmful end anyway.

Probably the best way would be to use a mod remap. So it would still be x*y but you can make x range from e.g. [0.5 - 1.0] instead of [0.0 - 1.0]

Here’s an example of what that would look like with changing the macro range to [0.5 - 1.0]: