Mod Wheel doesn't work

When I move the Mod Wheel on my controller, the animated graphic in Vital moves, but nothing else happens. The green dot in the Mod Wheel control does not move, yet it does move if I move the wheel graphic with the mouse.

I saw another post where the solution was to enable or disable MPE - this makes no difference for me. And that post was about using Vital in Ableton Live. I’m using Cantabile 3, but the failure also shows in the stand-alone Vital, so this is not a host-related problem.

Thanks for any help.

Okay I found the problem, and I got it fixed.

  • My Novation Impulse 49 controller was transmitting Mod Wheel data on MIDI Channel 3, which is just wrong.
  • All my synths, except Vital, were accepting this data on Channel 3
  • The fix was to power cycle the Impulse 49, and it powered up with the Mod Wheel transmitting on Channel 1. I don’t know how it got into this state in the first place, but the power cycle fixed it.

Sorry for the noise.