Mod remap < / > advance/previous buttons don't work correctly

in re “mod remap”:
is it just me or are the Previous/advance triangle buttons of the mod remap module
not working correctly ?

for example:

  1. i select “factory > staircase down”
  2. i hit the “>” (advance) triangle-button
  3. instead of the next, which would be “triangle”, the very first in the list “Saw Down” gets selected
  4. re-hitting the “>” button has no further effect

same behaviour with “<” (previous) triangle-button

mac osx mojave, AU version, logic 10.5.1

Thanks for the report, it’s on my list.


thank you, matt!

and btw:
so super THANK YOU for this amazing synth!
what a wonderful beast this is! :slight_smile:

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