Mod/Pitch wheel modulator sources do not work without active voice

mod wheel and pitch wheel used as modulation sources have no effect on their targets when there is no voice playing any sound (ie when none have been played or all of them have already completed envelope 1).
this becomes a noticeable issue when assigned to effects in certain configurations.

example steps:

  • use a reverb with a long tail, put the distortion effect after the reverb.
  • assign mod wheel or pitch wheel to distortion drive
  • observe that using the mod/pitch wheel only affects the distortion drive while playing any notes.

also note that using any of the macros as source instead of the mod/pitch wheel works as expected.

i’m on Win 8.1 64bit, using Bitwig 3.3
found the issue in Vital 1.0.3

This is semi intentional. I think the mod wheel can actually be fixed but the pitch wheel is a little special since you can have a different pitch wheel amount for every MIDI channel. Things like MPE send a new pitch wheel value for every note/channel so it really only becomes active when there’s a note.

I could probably change this for mod wheel tho but I need to look into if any keyboards send different mod wheel values per channel.

Ah yes that actually makes sense, thanks for clarifying!
Luckily it is a minor problem only, since the macros work as expected. One just needs to remember :slight_smile: