Mod Matrix Randomizer, by me

Low on inspiration? I was too.

Good News: I’ve compiled it into an application with a gui so you don’t have to edit any code or use an online version.
Bad News: It’s currently for windows only, if you are a python dev on mac or linux, msg me and we might be able to change that

What is it?
Mod Matrix Randomizer will take a .vital file, and create a random mod matrix inside of it with a few customizable options.

How do I use it?
There is a list of instructions and tips in the README file*, I suggest you read all of it before use. It also goes way more in-depth on how to use it. You will also need to delete the ‘DELETE_THIS_FILE’ files in both of the ‘final_presets’ and ‘presets_here’ folders.

Where is it?

Press download as ZIP and your good!

If you run into any trouble using it or need clarification, feel free to message me, or comment, and I will try to help.

*README contents

Welcome to MOD MATRIX RANDOMIZER! By me, SlavaCat

How to Use:


  • Put your preset(s) to randomize in the “presets_here” folder.
  • I would recommend only putting 1 or 2 because the amount of presets that you input to create will be multiplied by the amount of presets in this folder.
  • ex: having 5 presets in ‘presets_here’ and inputing 10 into preset creation amount, will result in 50 new files; be careful.
  • I would also recommend starting with some of the already provided templates


  • Run the “Mod Matrix Randomizer” application. (should take about 5 seconds to boot up)
  • Fill out every input box/menu correctly or else errors will occur.


  • Press “Generate”
  • The program will close, and depending on how many presets you wanted to create, they will appear in the “final_presets” folder quickly.

Parameter Help:
“Enter in the amount of new presets you want”

  • Determines the amount of new randomized presets that are created by running the program.
  • It will limit you to 10 to make sure you don’t destroy your system.

“Enter the amount of modulations you want (1-64)”

  • Determines the amount of modulations that will be found in the mod matrix, recommended to be between 10-30

“Source restrictions?”

  • Determines how the sources are restricted.
  • “restrict to macros” will restrict all modulation sources to macro controllers
  • “no source restrictions” will have all sources be available for use

Tips for Use:

  • For the types of presets you put in to be randomized, I would recomend having most things filled out, but disabled. If your confused as to what I mean, just looks at some of the default templates provided.
  • This is meant to be a source of inspiration and not a sound design factory. Generate smaller batches of presets and modify them to fit your liking.

If you have any questions:
If you like this or want to help create things like this, join the Vital Tools discord server: it’s a bit empty at the moment :expressionless:

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Thanks for sharing, you obviously put some serious effort into this. I’m getting this on clicking the drive link though -

That’s really weird and annoying, I’ll try and fix it :confused:

alright, it’s on github now, should have done that from the start

This is really cool and well made!!! It works just like a charm. Also I think the “preset_here” and “final_presets” folders are missing from Git Hub so I had to create them myself but after that it worked! This is definitely one of the best things made inside the Vital Community.

whoops, I’ll try and fix that. Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

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nice work, I’ll have a play with this. thank you so much for sharing.


Also this is for anyone wondering how SlavaCat’s Application looks like! ^

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Hope it’s simple enough and easy to use :slight_smile:

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its as easy as pie, :wink: