Mod Matrix glitch when deleting phase modulated LFOs

Something weird I encountered. It’s recoverable by removing everything and re-adding LFOs manually, but basically:

  1. Load this preset “PM Test”
  2. Play notes. Is normal.
  3. Go to Matrix page
  4. Delete matrix row 5 (Lfo 1 -> Osc 1 Phase)
  5. Play notes. Notice significant difference in tone.
  6. Delete all non-LFO 1 source matrix rows until you have two left
  7. Play notes. Same issue as 5.
  8. Delete one of the LFO 1 -> Osc 1 Phase rows.
  9. Play notes. Same issue as 5.
  10. Change Destination dropdown, re-select Osc 1 Phase
  11. Play notes. Sound is back to normal.

Note that the repeated addition of Lfo 1 -> Osc 1 Phase matrix rows is so I can have a higher magnitude of phase modulation; the default range consisting of the knob control is not intense enough for my uses (Yamaha-style FM aka Phase Modulation)