Missing presets (subscriber) RESOLVED!


After taking up the Vital subscription I noticed that there’s only around 150 presets after installation, not 400?.

I download and installed all packs in my account too.

Any advice is appreciated :+1:

I was confused about this too, at first.
Mat mentioned it in another post, that he would adjust the Subscription description.
With the Subscription, you basically get the free version of Vital plus the subscriber packs.
The Plus and Pro packs are with those respective tiers.

Think more of it as a Patreon Pledge as a Rent-To-Buy

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Yeah I need to clear this up on the site but you don’t get all the Pro stuff with the subscription. I designed it so you never lose anything if you cancel your subscription and instead build up banks over time.

If you do want to upgrade to Pro instead you can use the credit you’ve spent on the subscription already toward Pro (so you’re not out any money).

I’m shooting for releasing small monthly preset packs for subscribers though so if you want even more packs on top of the Pro content, the sub is a pretty good deal IMO since you get free banks + store credit.


Thank you both for your reply.

I did assume it would be the full synth (pro) unfortunately.

I may have to purchase pro as I don’t want to be missing things like wavetables etc.


PRO is now purchased. :wink::+1:

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Thanks! Hope you like them
I’ll see about making that clearer on the site next time I make updates.