Missing presets and how to even load stuff in?

I’m finding this synth very confusing and not very intuitive at all. I’ve subscribed to the monthly option but I hardly have any presets and when downloading packs I click on the downloaded symbol, it just opens up an instance of Vital ??? Help !

If you login to Vital, packs are automatically downloaded and installed.

If you have a .vitalbank file (like if you downloaded from another site) you can import that once you’re in Vital by clicking on the menu icon and selecting ‘import bank’

I’m not so sure all the presets have … I’ve less than 200 of them.

Are you able to elaborate on what you are missing? Matt might be better able to help you then.

Otherwise, the monthly option is not the Pro option, which includes 400+ presets

Apologies as I only have Basic, but 200 presets sounds like a lot/an expected amount for a 5$/month contribution. As you have the monthly subscription you can also save your credits towards packs n different versions of that’s more what you might be looking for.
Seems like you might have all the presets and maybe you were thinking it was a different bundle?
Just my thoughts though, cheers

This number if presets was cleared up in another thread.

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