Missing Banks and Cant Import Downloaded

Two banks, Tam LeTeet and Glorkglunk WT Pack 1 were not in my initial install when I purchased the week Vital came out. I have tried using ‘Import Bank’ after downloading these packs from my account and nothing happens when you select the files from the import dialog box. Please advise. I upgraded to 1.0.4 prior to importing (was still on 1.0.0) and my automatic updates are not working either.

They don’t show up in the wavetable browser after importing? Can you go into the Vital folder (usually in Documents of ~/Music on mac) and let me know what’s in there?

PC Based, and no, nothing really happens when you import. and they dont show up

Can you try renaming the Vital folder and restarting Vital? It should redownload all the content. Make sure that “Check for updates” is checked when you click on the logo before restarting Vital.

The other thing you could try is renaming the bank to a zip file. Then manually unzip it and put the files in the Vital folder. The import bank option really just does that though so I’m not sure why that wouldn’t work.

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Yup, on Windows that is in the Documents folder and renaming it allows the automatic downloaded and install to work correctly the next time I opened FL Studio and loaded a Vital VST into the channel rack. Thanks for the quick response and help!

Strangely, the two packs that did not appear after importing WERE in the original Vital folder from me attempting to import, but would just not show up in the Vital GUI.

Also the JSON data structure for packs.json in that folder had text names for keys instead of text ids {“0”:1,“1”:1,“10”:1,“2”:1,“3”:1,“4”:1,“5”:1,“6”:1,“7”:1,“8”:1,“9”:1,“glorkglunkwtpack1”:1,“tamleteetwtpack”:1}
The new version had all numeric keys, though I was able to re-add (and could export) a custom bank of one patch that i had made a few weeks ago, even though i could not import, i could export and then after the Vital folder delete/re-download i was able to import my saved bank. It also had the name as my key in the new JSON file, “seansbank”. I am a developer so only providing this as it might be useful to you when troubleshooting.

Hmm you were looking for these two bank files in the wavetable browser (not the preset browser right)? These banks just have wavetables in them.

:flushed: preset browser, yes, but re-loading added several things into my preset browser, Afro, Billain, Databroth/Pack 1, a few of your Factory ones (Nov 23), Glorkglunk, Halcyon Future Riddim Vol 1, and Mr Bill to the preset browser. Of which the Glorkglunk was definitely not showing up before (out of the two packs that appeared missing) and there are five presets in there (Digestive Trauma, Special Glitch Thing, Squish Clicker, Thumpus and Thunk).

I had to do the same thing (rename Vital folder, etc.) to finally get new presets and wavetables to load. I then deleted the renamed Vital folder. THIS WAS A MISTAKE! I had created some user presets and would have lost them. Fortunately I was able to restore the renamed Vital folder from the Recycle Bin and recover my user presets.