Missed Black Friday Any X-mass sale coming and other ?s

Hi i just found this as i am just getting started making music in logic have a lot to learn.

Been testing it VS a few others side by side (Phase Plant, Alchemy, Serum, Generate) and i like the features included in Vital and how this works but i am on a limited budget to get started. Just spend to much on some Black Friday deals for some other plug ins.

First ? is about unlimited text-to-wavetable
In the free version i am testing i see no way to enter in text to sound? I do see a sample of it but do not see how that was entered in - is this feature missing from the free version? or i am just missing the place to enter in the text?.

With the Plus version what is limited VS unlimited text-to-wavetable in the Pro version. Can the plus do text-to-wavetable like the pro what is the differance in the two of them?

With the Plus and Pro version will this include any new updates free over time?.

With the pro version dose that include all the listed presets our just the ones with the pro icon next to them?


Any reply to this?

Sale ?s and about the text-to-wavetable in the different versions.

Right-click on the wavetable area for text-to-wavetable option.
The only difference is in number of uses allowed. I think you need to be a paid user for this feature, and Plus users get 5 text-to-wavetable per day. As this process is online.

Vital is free and open source. Plus and PRO users get additional presets and wavetables with some more as a way to say thanks for supporting this project.
Any new added features in vital will be free as always.

As for the sale, Vital turned a year old so to celebrate it was done as a charity event for gameheadsoakland.org and the discount was there as a way to kick this off.

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