Mirroring on Grid Y-Lines inside the wavetable editor

It would be nice if the wavetable editor in line source mode would have the ability to mirror on grid y lines and on grid x and y-lines. As many good sounding waveshapess are symetrical on the Y-axis or on the x-axis and Y-axis combined (such as triangle, square and sine to mention the most prominent ones) it is always tedious and fiddly if I try to re-draw what I have drawn on the left-hand side of the editor on its right-hand side but upside down. I added a screenshot that might make it clearer what I am up to.

My workaround currently is to put the line source mode into “free-drawing mode” as stated in another post, but a mirroring function would be even more convenient.


You could just draw it, flip horizontal and flip vertical, and then redraw it.
But I agree, this would be a useful feature.

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