Minor: Vital standalone unmoveable bar off the top of the screen

Vital fresh install update from 1.0.7 to the 1.5.5 via the DL link on the Vital website. On Windows 11 (update from 10, not fresh install of Win 11) 1440p 165hz monitor.

When opening the Standalone before going into Ableton. The top bar was off the screen and I couldn’t move the standalone version at all no matter what size it was.
I opened Ableton to see if it was being effected there and it wasn’t, all edges were visible and the plugin opened with space from the edge of the screen.
Not sure whether I moved it or not, I might have maximised it by accident and then made it smaller again.

After trying to open the standalone again with Ableton open and the plugin open inside Ableton, it was in the middle of the screen. (not the same place as inside Ableton)

Not really an issue but just in case anyone comes across a similar thing, might be a solution.