Minor graphical bugs (Delay and Compressor)

[Vital 1.5.3, Windows 10, Standalone and VST3]
In the Delay window the Tempo Dotted and Triplets mess up the small lines, sort of don’t offset them properly when in all modes except Mono and then when going back to Mono the offset is applied, even though they should now be equal (I mean only the Dotted/Triplets offset, changing the frequency itself works perfectly fine). It’s kinda difficult to explain better but I can probably go and record it if needed. The Seconds works fine and there are no issues with the audio as far as I can tell.
And in the Compressor the low and high bands don’t get greyed out when switching to other modes.
Edit: The Compressor low and high knobs seem to mess up after bypassing the Compressor (disabling with the left corner dot, not removing it).

I’ve definitely noticed the compressor bug, happens every so often. Closing and re opening vital always works for me though.

Yeah the Compressor one is much less consistent, reopening Vital fixes it for me as well.