Milisonics - Vitalis soundbank

Hi guys. After one year in the making i finally present you the Vitalis soundbank. Please, and this is a recommendation for all the new sounds you use, test the new sounds at lower level, and after that you raise the volume as you will see fit. Also you will get 167 bonus sounds, these are sound requests I took and fulfilled for Jazen Sounds Sound Request discord Channel.

The entire soundbank is structured like this:

Vitalis sounds: Basses - 18 sounds Drums - 15 sounds Experimental - 1 sound Effects - 15 sounds Keyboards - 32 sounds Leads - 6 sounds Pads - 39 sounds Sequences - 28 sounds

Total - 154 sounds

Bonus: 167 sounds

Entire soundbank - 321 sounds

Video demo of the soundbank , here:

Demo of all individual sounds here:

you can purchase the library from here: []

Thank you a lot for your support :slight_smile: