Midi panic button

i kinda miss a midi panic button

since right now within testing i constantly use the computerkeyboard for midin
i also gat occasional stuck notes…
a panic button would be cool
…or maybe i have overlooked it…
(but searched everywhere…promised :wink: )


+1 for MIDI reset on the VST.

Getting some stuck notes in the DAW and in Standalone.


Certainly your DAWs have a Panic Button (All Notes Off) ?


Yes, it does. I trigger MIDI reset with a pad on my controller. A MIDI reset on the instrument would be helpful. Stuck notes and run-on controllers seem to an issue with Vital right now.

I have not experienced any stuck notes or run on controllers with Vital in four different DAWs. I don’t use the standalone but a Panic button wouldn’t be a bad idea.

+1. At the very least on the standalone versions.

I have also jammed some stuck midi notes in Vital. I was trying to use a third party arpeggiator, but still it would be great to have an exclamation point to click on somewhere in the Vital GUI.

the host note panic button does not unjam the notes stuck in vital.