MIDI Learn manager

Have a UI where you can manage all current MIDI Learns


I envisage that this could be similar to the modulation matrix.

The current issue is that unless users remeber what MIDI learns have been set, the only way to identify these is by either clicking on every control, or by editing the config file: neither of which is particularly user friendly.

Having a panel, similar to the MATRIX panel, will mitigate this issue.

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There is an indication of what controls have a midi connection, but if someone connected on the mod matrix, it could be hidden.

Having a dedicated manager would just make it faster to use and even lead to something like presets; I use multiple MIDI keyboards, so being able to swap between midi learn configs would be great.


There once was a VSTi that displayed MIDI CC numbers directly on top of each control if you pressed a modifier key. Of course, the modifier key could be substituted by a button on screen. Once you release the key/button the overlay display disappears again.

With the same method it would also be able to display the numerical values of any element.

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