MIDI LEARN doesn't seem to work on a Mac with Logic

MIDI LEARN doesn’t seem to work on a Mac with Logic. I have a Mac and can’t right click on a Vital control… So I tried clicking, Ctrl-clicking, and various other permutations. Nothing works. “LEARN MIDI ASSIGNMENT” will not come up, no matter what I do. Am I missing something incredibly obvious?

I’ve done it on countless other synths, just not Vital…

(OS10.15.7, Logic Pro 10.5.1, Vital v1.5.5 as AU and standalone)…

so in standalone it also doesn’t work?

on a macbook “right click” (secondary click on osx) is a click with two fingers, it works here. if you are on a desktop mac (without a touchpad), what kind of mouse do you have?

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Thanks lokki! I just looked this up and didn’t realize I could set up Secondary Click in System Prefs > Mouse. It works now! Thanks again! Now I can have some fun with this synth… :grinning:

I’ve been having the same problem, but in a Windows PC AND ONLY with the on/off functions,

I can’t use the midi learn to assign buttons to turn effects or oscilators on/off
I can only do it for sliders or knobs like pitch or filter frecuency.

it works normally in my mac, but in pc I cant do it!