Microsoft flags vital as "dangerouse"; can't download

when I download the installer Microsoft blocks it saying it may harm my pc, why does it say that and is the software still safe?

You have to click “more info” on the error message and then “run anyway”. Microsoft probably just doesn’t recognize it because it’s new.

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I would assume that it’s because windows doesn’t trust the developer certificate. This program shouldn’t harm your computer in any way. I imagine Matt wouldn’t want to ruin his reputation that quickly :joy: BUT , if you get something like this with other programs, proceed with caution!:smiley:

For anyone on Windows worried about the Windows Defender warning, that’s normal for brand new .exe installers that not many people have yet installed. Windows logs stuff like this and once it sees enough Windows user installing an .exe with a given certificate, it stops warning users about it.

Just click the “more info” link (or whatever) and tell Windows to install it anyway.

are you guys SHORE this programs safe? My dad would kill me if anything happened to this computer. who here has gotten the microsoft warning, downloaded vital anyway, and had their pc live to see the day?

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if the dev made this synth for years just to make it a VIRUS, why would we all download it? most of us here have been following the dev for a long while. He’s the same guy who made the Helm synth, so what concerns do you have other than the synth having some bug he didnt notice? :man_dancing:

I understand youre concerned, its cool that youre being careful. sorry if that post sounded very condescending

it didn’t, my only concern was if someone other than the dev decided he wanted to contribute some software, i’ve got the synth now and its working fine, thanks guys!

I have this problem. Ran the exe file anyway. Got a weird little box in the middle of my screen with the v icon on the left of it. And blank options. Like the text fornatting was not working. Tried to take a screenshot of the box. But when I tried to save the screenshot, my file explorer came up looking exactly like the box. All my subfolders blank. I had to restart my PC to get it back to normal. Anybody else have this problem?

no, i manage to run it fine and nothin happened for me

I’m very wary of it because of the way my PC started behaving as soon as I clicked the exe file. I will not be attempting to install it again any time soon

I ignored it.

yeah it sounds like you git a virus, is your computer working now?

Yeah this is common for new products from small developers. Even though it’s signed by me it takes a while to get trusted by these malware detectors.

even after I hit run anyways, it got flagged again, this time with control panel, not settings, and still wouldn’t let me install. wtf microsoft

That was likely an issue with your local machine. Sounds like it was gasping for resources. Could have been any number of things and not related to the installer at all.

You have to temporarily deactivate virus realtime protection in Windows security!