Matt: Please let us know about Vital progress...6 months later


The last thing you posted six months ago was this:
“To answer the question, I’m still here and working on Vital. I’ll make an announcment when there’s a new version.”
That was six months ago. If you’re done with this plug-in, Why not just say so and close the forum.

an occasional random youtube short or an affiliate link about random doodads would be swell.

Why close the forum? It is a useful resource.


Sure it is, if you basically like talking to yourself.

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Last response from Matt regarding his participation in the forum…April 2023
“Hi, yes I’m fine. I did have to step away from the forum and discord for a while because of a unexpected family health issue which took my full attention (I won’t go into details but everything turned out OK thankfully).
And yes, I’m still working and Vital (and some stuff that might go into a new plugin). I think when I have some time I’ll hire somebody to give more support and respond to users so it’s not just silent from me if I have to step away for something like this or if I just want to focus on development.
(going to lock the thread because it’s gotten a bit off topic)”

He’s ghosted his own forums and product. Why not just end it?

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8 of your 11 messages on this forum is complaining about Matt, for about 3 years. Maybe you should just end it?