Matt are you OK?

well if it were me in his shoes i would not like to respond to such a thread on the forum. i actually think posting a new build is quite a good sign.

You wouldn’t respond to a thread expressing concern for your personal well being?

You wouldn’t respond to any of the threads from your customers reporting problems and issues with your product on your company support forum ?

Ok whatever. It’s good you’re not a developer then.

It would have taken five minutes sometime between his last post here on 2 December and now to simply say “I’m working on a new version, stay tuned”.

Are you convinced that’s Matt’s work and not a fork? Anyway I still don’t see a download. What Channel is that build on? Maybe I don’t have access to that channel.

I can’t see what would keep him from posting if he could so there indeed could be something that is keeping him from posting.

Matt’s Twitter is not completely inactive. Although he did not tweet, he had some activity such as liking others’ tweets during January and February. So I think he is okay and I do not want to interfere too much because it is most likely some personal reasons.

What (valid) personal reason could he have for taking time for activity at Twitter or Reddit while ghosting his company forum and his customers?

Like I’ve said, a less than five minute post here would have been all that was needed.

Oh well it is what it is. It appears he’s OK so that’s all that matters but I don’t see much point in spending my time trying to help his customers any further.

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ok let me try and address a few of your points @teksonik

-it is an official build, in the discord there is a section (only for paying users that have the discord linked to the username i guess), where you can see every new build that is generated, even if it fails etc. there was a new build info there today. this means that if you download 1.5.5. from the website today it is a new version (even though it still says 1.5.5.

-actually i am a developer (but only for my own stuff) and i have seen those forum threads on different products forum pages and i can see how it is difficult to answer them. i don’t know, but i get a certain aggressive undertone from some messages in here, and i can understand very well how it might be difficult to respond to such a message especially when some time has passed. maybe he has no time/energy since when he starts to answer one specific thread, 10 others might be offended or whatnot. or he feels guilty for letting pass so much time. it does not really matter, it is all speculation at this point. and while i agree that it would be nice to hear from him, a new build is a strong indication that the project is not abandoned.

working on such a successful synth as a single person is very stressfull of that i am certain. i have seen a couple of other projects fade because of personal reasons and people not ready to deal with the amount of stress/support/user questions etc. so i get your concerns, i just don’t think writing in this thread and “threatening” to not use/promote his synth etc. does help the cause.


Oh, I didn’t know about the recent likes! I’m relieved.

I personally don’t share the aggressiveness because it’s absolutely possible that he’s been and currently is directly working on the software’s code instead of replying to every bug being reported - that wouldn’t be time efficient. If anything, I suggest we close/ignore this thread, because in the end, what’s important is he’s okay since he’s been active even though we could not see it. Remember, health and well-being is more important than anything else.


It is pretty odd how long this thread has existed without a single peep from the Matt.

Github hasn’t seen any real updates in sometime.

Not sure I’d make much of the builds the bots been spewing.

Matt, hope all is well for you and yours…Please ping back and let be known you’re o.k.

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Hello what I found really really strange is the idea that Matt is working all alone at VITAL. There is only Matt “behind” VITAL? Does he works all alone? There is absolutly nobody else capable of saying hello?.

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Now imagine as a company like Splice… would you promote the synth or promote presets for a synth that is a bit ‘who knows what will happen’?

I don’t know. Matt is a legend for doing what he did, but disappearing like this raises doubts to me that I’m like… what is the future looking like here?

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Let’s hope so man!! The synth is too good to not keep on going with it!
To me, it can be the one beating Serum… but it needs to be more in touch.
Steve Duda answered every email from me in less than a day…

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That is what I don’t understand, if he’s been “making code” he would have put someone in commission to make a few answers.

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Maybe he’s doing a scientific experiment to see what happens if he leaves us alone for a long time. :scientist:


hahah :grin: yeah

The sticking point here is that purchasing at a premium tier meant purchasing support. This was explicitly stated in the purchase. If you were just selling presets you could maybe afford to flake out and abandon your user base. But when you sell support and don’t deliver… That could get a bit dicey.

So I guess that is the question. Clearly nobody is getting support inside this forum. Has any paying member received any kind of support outside of this forum in the last four months?


I dont think he is ok at all****

You can see on his forum profile that he was last online on March 23rd, and he has some posts liked in March on his Twitter, including posts from 100gecs, GLORK, and an user who made a beat in Bitwig.

I wonder if he’s working on a new version of Vital for which he’s under an NDA, but I’m not sure if that would prevent him from posting absolutely anything.

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I wonder if he’s working on a new version of Vital for which he’s under an NDA, but I’m not sure if that would prevent him from posting absolutely anything.

Uhm, how would that work? I thought Vital was his own baby. :slight_smile:

I tried reaching out to heads on GS (formerly “Gearslutz” and now “Gearspace”) in hopes reaching someone in the Cali bay area that may have had some personal contact with him to no avail (thus far).

Hopefully the guy is o.k. and some confirmation to his good health and being turns up soon.

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