Matt are you OK?

Yes but that’s the point. He didn’t say anything so we’re left to speculate. Is he ok? Has he abandoned Vital? Is he working hard on a new version and decided to simply ignore his company forum?

Like I said, once he decided to sell a product then he’s responsible for supporting that product or his reputation as a businessman will suffer.

If Vital was only freeware then he’d be free to do as he wished since he owes no one anything but once you accept payment you also accept responsibility.

Every problem you mentioned is faced by every developer in the business whether it’s a one or two man operation or the biggest player.

Again I don’t think Matt is the kind of guy who would just ghost his user base so there may be something else at play. I am concerned about him not Vital.

if you’re concerned about him and not vital, wouldn’t it be better to try at his personal social media? and i thought you left this forum for good, what brings you back if you’re not concerned about vital? it seems inappropriate for the scope of this forum since this isn’t the matt tytel fan club, we don’t know him personally, and if we did we’d be able to reach him as friends would. i’m sure he has friends and family who are better suited to be concerned about him. not to rain on your parade.

I have checked his social media. He hasn’t posted on Twitter since 2 November 2022. He last posted at discord and this forum on Dec 2nd and that is concerning.

I came back after the last update to see how Vital performs now and as you can see by the complaints made by others (at least some of which are paying customers) there are still issues to be addressed.

No this isn’t the Matt Tytel fan club, it’s his official company support forum.

So either he has ghosted his paying customers which would be a horrible business move (if you don’t understand that fact then I can’t help you) or something has happened to him.

It’s most likely something simple like he’s busy with life but it’s also possible that something has happened to him. The fact that this thread is over a week old with no response should be concerning to anyone who cares about Matt.

It’s obvious you don’t care one bit about Matt as a human being and that tells us all we need to know about you as a person but I’m concerned about his well being. So why don’t you just stay out of this thread, not to rain on your parade. Your snarky comments and failed attempts at humor add nothing to this thread so just move on.


Well if for whatever reason development is stopped, the only thing I want (apart from Matt being OK of course) is for the latest version’s source code to be released… It’d be a PITA for it not to be released, the plugin wasn’t too cheap if you have the Pro version, although it has happened before (Sound Guru for example).


Going on 2 weeks. I don’t see any activity at Discord or at Matt’s Twitter account (my Twitter account is suspended for radical political activity so I can’t send messages).

With every passing day my concern for Matt’s well being grows. It could be as a simple as he’s on vacation but the proper thing to do would have been to announce he would be away from the internet for a while especially from his official company support forum. Again Matt doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to just ghost us. His work with charity leads me to believe he is a kind and considerate chap.

So I hope you’re OK brother. Let us know when and if you can…


Hey, I think I found some signs of life on his Reddit account. He posted twice between February 1st and 2nd on r/comics about gaming. Maybe it’s confirmation that he’s on a break after all?


I did a search and couldn’t find it on Reddit. Do you have a link or screenshot? I don’t know what name Matt posts under at Reddit. To be honest I’m not very good at Reddit as I don’t spend much time there.

That would be good a sign if he’s posting elsewhere but doesn’t explain why he’s ghosted this forum.

if you need a break from your business that’s fine but at least let your paying customers know that you’ll be absent for awhile.

At this point it appears that Vital might have been abandoned since we have no evidence to the contrary.

I’ve been encouraging people at other forums and in YouTube comments to purchase one of the paid versions to support the developer and encourage further development but at this point it’s hard to justify continuing to do so until we get some word on the future of Vital.

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I figured it would be appropriate to include a link or a screenshot of my findings, sorry for not doing that in the same reply.

His Reddit account is linked to his Discord account and is visible there. His username is u/mtytel.

Screenshot of his most recent Reddit posts:

Here’s the link to his account:

If you want my personal opinion, I just hope we officially get some news at some point - I too got Pro because I really admire Vital and what Mr. Tytel has done with it, and wanted to support the developer. I would totally understand if he took a break due to Vital requiring too much work and he needed to get some serious rest, but it would be good to hear it directly from him.


Ok thanks that’s interesting. Looks like two posts of the same image with no comment? Then the mod stepped in:

Mtytel Reddit

Oh well I don’t know enough about Reddit to tell what’s going on.

At any rate no word here. I can see needing a break but I can’t see just disappearing without a word here or on Discord. Or at least I didn’t see anything on Discord which I find to be hard to navigate and visually overwhelming.

Bottom line is people continue to report issues with Vital and with Matt’s silence we’re left to speculate about Vital’s future…or lack thereof. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Ok i just sent a chat message on his Reddit account. We’ll see if there is a response. Maybe you can do the same.

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Reddit’s AutoModerator is a bot that operates as a moderator, for which I guess a specific set of content recognition rules is set by human moderators so that they don’t need to manually go through every submitted post. When content doesn’t satisfy these rules, certain restrictions can be applied to the post containing them, including removal.

You are right, no word anywhere. On Discord, you can search messages and users by text. No activity in 2023 yet.

I thought about sending a message, but I haven’t yet.

Ok thanks, I suck at reddit. When I first joined under a custom account it kept saying I needed “up votes” or “reputations” or whatever it was just to post so I deleted that account and now just sign in under the generic account which at least lets me post.

Maybe Matt is busy with Serum 2 together with Dave Gamble?

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Do you have any evidence that Matt is working on Serum 2 or were you just joking?

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there was a new build released (well built), so there is activity again… all good

Do you mean beta? Cause the latest is 1.5.5.

the version stayed at 1.5.5 for quite a while, on discord you can see everytime there is a new 1.5.5. build. it just happened today. so if you redownload now, you will have the new 1.5.5… it is a strange decision to leave version numbering the same, since it makes tracking changes harder for the user.


haha thats funny

Do you have a link because I’m not seeing it at Discord or any activity from Matt. I really hate Discord as it’s the most disorganized forum I’ve ever participated in so I must be missing the new version.

So if it’s true that Matt released a new version that also means he’s neglected this forum since 2 December and left his customers to fend for themselves.

Again if it’s true then I’m relieved for Matt’s health and well being but disappointed in him as a developer.

The activity is not directly from Matt’s personal account, but the server’s builds bot. in the #builds channel under the info tab.

By the way, I ended up sending him a message on Reddit yesterday night. Also - I know it may sound silly or weird - I made a couple text-to-wavetable entries in English (US) saying “Please come back, Matt…”

A new build is a good sign. It still reading 1.5.5 has been a constant for the past few “1.5.5” updates; it’s been mostly bugfixes. I wonder if he’s been checking the forums for bugs to solve, but for some reason he couldn’t post (he still hasn’t, as a matter of fact). Due to this, I can’t completely shake away the feeling there’s some problem keeping him from posting.

I’m installing the new build now.