MATRIX tab amount adjustments

Hy guys, I’m new here - just today first time try Vital and without doubts bought pro version to support creators of this wonderful synth. So I have some questions (suggestions)
One of them - why I cannot use mouse scroll to change values of matrix amount? I mean I must tap on it and hold and then move. But I want just to target it with mouse and using scroll adjust values, just as I can do it anywhere else… but not here.
I’m talking about those sliders

Great suggestion! Also love the black and pink skin :slight_smile:

It’s not quite pink, but almost). I get it here, in this forum. Here it is:

Vital_After_Hours.vitaltheme (83.9 KB)

Ahh the after hours! Yes thanks I had this one on for a few months :slight_smile: currently back to default after an unfortunate reinstall lol!