March 2022 Vital Compo [CLOSED]

Theme: Machinery
Create a Vital patch that reflects the theme and submit it to this post before Mar 24th to have it entered into the March 2022 Vital Compo. The best submitted patches will be announced in next months post
Some patches for inspiration: Machinery.vitalbank (4.9 MB)

Note, machine does not necessarily mean mechanical, it’s a combination of parts with definite functions that together perform a particular task.

What is Vital Compo?

Vital Compo is a casual monthly competition focused mainly on motivating and inspiring people to practice their sound design using Vital.

How do I submit my entry?

To submit your entry, upload your patch to this post. If you’re a new user and can’t upload a file, post a google drive link. Optionally, you can submit a quick demo showcasing how your patch is meant to be played.

If you would like to submit multiple entries, simply repeat the process. You are encouraged to submit more than 1 patch each month, but you will only be judged for the last 5 you post.

What are the requirements?

You can only submit patches that were made during the compo time frame.

Taking inspiration from other patches is allowed, but outright copying is not.

Adhering to the theme is not an rule, feel free to make whatever you want, it just won’t score high in themeing.

What do I win?

The free patches people submitted

Your patch/name in the discord hall-of-fame and next months post

All the included serotonin from winning

Where do I go for questions?

The discord: there’s a lot of extra information here too, so read it if your confused, then ask questions.
All questions, discussions, and anything other than submissions should go in the discord, please do not use the comment area for anything but patch submission.

February 2022 Results:
1st - @sonicsporesounds | NBL - DD - Great Attractor.vital
2nd - @tinga | Welcome in the deep space 1a.vital
3rd - @tinga & @snil4 | Fancy Pulsar.vital & Unknown Communication.vital
Alien Environment Vitalbank: HERE

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8 days left to submit, and with the lack of any submissions, winning chance is currently 100%

Hey has anyone entered this? I am going to get some ideas down tonight. My vital cinematic bank covers some machinery ideas :slight_smile:

All submissions happen in the comments, so no, no one has submitted yet.

factory sounds.vital (1.7 MB)
Not related to factory presets. Just what you might hear in a factory.

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Vital is the best Soundmashine. Hope someone likes the patches i made!
The Vitalsound Mashine 05.vital (2.2 MB)
Wavemashine Surfersfavorit.vital (246.1 KB)
Widemashine Bass.vital (288.2 KB)
I made them in 90 and 172 Bpm. You can play them all together and you can bypass the LFOs on the Macros(The Vitalsoundmashine 05) if you want to tweek some Nobs. Don´t now if they are usefull!

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I guess new users are not allowed to upload. How long until I am allowed?

You can post a google drive link

Thanks, I’ll try tomorrow, but my Internet skills are pathetic.

Google drive wants too much personal info to sign up, not giving them my phone and birthdate and all that. I’ll wait until I can post directly. See you next month!

You can really use any hosting service, just upload it somewhere and send over a link.

damn commodore 64

Here is a related bank…
BinaryTheory.vitalbank (4.2 MB)

Before this competition was announced, I started with the question of “What would binary sound like?” and resulted in this bank.

I hope you consider binary sort of a machine :wink:

The basic concept behind this is take each of the 8 LFOs as a byte (8 bits). Each LFO is half the frequency of the previous LFO and each is a bit (on or off)…what can we do with that? Turns out, its the basics of music… (duh…1/8th note, 1/4th note, etc), but fun anyways.

I used LFO chains to control oscillators transpose, level, or other parameters to get music like sounds out of them.

It was a good learning experiment in how to use the mod matrix.

Out of this bank, the following are my submissions:

For the interested, I built each patch on top of the previous in this order:

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I’m going to need some extra time to get the next compo ready, been very busy, expect by April 3rd.

Take the time you need!!! I can’t speak for everyone but I’m in no hurry :slight_smile:

Currently dry for prompt ideas, suggest some please!

Maybe “Rise from Hell to heaven” 16bars risers that leed in to the sky.
Or, “Sampling is not a crime” organic Sounds mashing up static Oszillators.
Got another one “I 'm under your bed” Scary, creepy sounds from the Monsters under your bed that ceeps you awake in the darkest nights.

Just for Inspiration. Thank you for your time you invest here big ups

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I like the monsters under the bed idea.

I’m going to tweak the “under your bed” to “In The Dark”

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March 2022 Results:
1st - @digipaxx | The Vitalsound Mashine 05.vital (2.2 MB)
1st - @Derrek x2 | BinaryBitCount.vital (282.5 KB) | BinaryControlledSequence.vital (1.7 MB)
2nd - @digipaxx | Wavemashine Surfersfavorit.vital (246.1 KB)
2nd - @Derrek | BinaryControlledSequence3.vital (1.7 MB)
3rd - @digipaxx | Widemashine Bass.vital (288.2 KB)
Machinery Vitalbank: HERE