March 2022 Free Patch Sharing Thread

Post your free Vital patches here!

This a single place to find free patches. At the end of the month they will be collected all up and re-posted as a Vital bank.

This thread is ideally limited to free stuff. Producers of commercial patches can have their own threads and thus make a bit more of a fanfare to promote their super sounds.

I just started managing this thread, and it’s been a bit quiet around here. Maybe march has more free presets?

Vital banks from previous months can be downloaded here:
Free Patch Sharing Thread Google Drive folder
In the spirit of sharing, I would love to include other vitalbank files from the community, new and old. If you have any vitalbank files you want shared, let me know, and I’ll include them!

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2022-02 is not available yet?

I’m running slow due to health issues and moving to a different city. I should hav it up within the hour.

I knew I forgot to mention something important!


no problem and take it easy and take your time - no need to hurry!
i was just wondering…

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Hi folks, :grin: a new free patch online.
This one is a darkpsy lead of Trauma System preset Pack

Download link in video description

Check it out!

Hi, I’m new to here. Now trying to recreate my old presets in Vital. Hope you like this! (7.1 MB)

Hello Everyone, here’s a new FREE Psytrance Fx patch for Vital vst.

Download link in video description.

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yoybass.vital (234.4 KB)
A yoybass preset. For some reason, I am great at making yoybass presets.

First preset bank.vitalbank (4.7 MB)
all the presets I have made.

Okay here is my first shared preset…it’s utter nonsense but I was bored.Unsupervised Lobster Invasion.vital (2.3 MB)

Orchestral SAW.vital (170.1 KB)
Deep Blue Peace.vital (660.0 KB)
Getting There.vital (170.8 KB)
Wonky II.vital (245.8 KB)
Ungodly Behemoth.vital (245.6 KB)
Filler Keys.vital (475.1 KB)
Whine-d Down.vital (246.1 KB)

BinaryBitCount.vital (282.5 KB)
BinaryBitSlap3.vital (283.7 KB)
BinaryControlledSequence.vital (1.7 MB)
BinaryControlledSequence3.vital (1.7 MB)
BinaryCountingScale3.vital (282.7 KB)
factory sounds.vital (1.7 MB)
The Vitalsound Mashine 05.vital (2.2 MB)
Wavemashine Surfersfavorit.vital (246.1 KB)
Widemashine Bass.vital (288.2 KB)

Another World.vital (626.9 KB)
Bass Gun 1.vital (843.8 KB)
Baton de Pluie.vital (175.3 KB)
Clarity.vital (181.4 KB)
Compressing Decompressing.vital (1.4 MB)
Dihydrogen Monoxide.vital (842.9 KB)
Dirty Sine.vital (840.6 KB)
NoiZe!.vital (170.6 KB)
Rain Stick.vital (176.1 KB)
Sanza 1.vital (400.5 KB)
Spinet 2.vital (326 KB)
Stamping machine.vital (170.4 KB)
WT Bass OÏ.vital (1.5 MB)
WT Bass.vital (1.5 MB)
WT Pad vibz.vital (1.5 MB)
WT Pad.vital (912.2 KB)
WT Pad 2.vital (1.5 MB)
WT Shepard Tone.vital (1.4 MB)
DX7.1a.vital (170.9 KB)
Nothing.vital (180.9 KB)
Mixed Voices Hall.vital (304.8 KB)

Just a Cello.vital (285.4 KB)

Looks way fuller than last month! We have some good presets here. I should have last month and this month uploaded tomorrow, sorry for the delay.

It’s been a rough two months, but I’m finally settling into a new house, recovering from health issues and medical procedures, and finally getting a reliable internet connection. Preset banks should be normal from now on. (Fingers Crossed™)


“CoolNotKnownPerson” ,it should be the name