Mappable Nodes in Envelopes & DAW (I will explain...)

One feature I think Vital SHOULD have is ‘mappable nodes’ in the Envelopes of its LFOs.

in most Synths, LFOs are all too often just a ‘set and forget’ envelopes that we assign to a ‘knob’.

HOWEVER, the envelope can frequently sound REALLY good if it can be modulated while the synth is playing (eg by dragging a node with the mouse while the sound is being played).

This is cumbersome and it would be amazing if nodes could be assignable to (say) a Macro, or any other knob in Vital (and the DAW).

Xfer’s LFO tool does allow the user to ‘map’ each of the nodes, but Xfer’s LFO tool cannot be used to (say) modulate the Wavetable or Filter Cut off (or Marcos… or any other interesting ‘knob’) in either Serum or Vital (!).

Similarly, in Ableton Live (and any other DAW that allows mapping of VST parameters), we cannot hit ‘configure’ and Map any of the nodes within the LFO section of Vital to MIDI controllers, in order to do automations…

…Enter the current feature request (!).

Other producers I have shared this idea with also think that this would be an awesome sound design feature [and, also perhaps most importantly… Serum does not (yet) have this feature either!].

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You can modulate Envelope parameters and you can control the modulation amount of LFO’s, which is practically the same thing.

No - it’s not. Not at all.

If you create a BASS Growl sound that has an LFO speed of (say) 1/4, you can get a vastly different effect when you move the node around, depending on your patch and all of the other modulation assignments and the effects chains.

Serum can’t (currently) do this. Neither can Vital.

It would actually be quite innovative.

Adding to that the ability to assign ANOTHER LFO to the first LFO’s Node and you would have an even more innovative patch.

This has use cases in Psytrance, DNB, and other kinds of morphing sound design.

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Phase Plant just added MORPHING LFOs.

I can live with that (!).

But still, this is not exactly what I’ve suggested.