Major vital update failure please help?

Hello, I have been using vital for a few years now and I decided that I was going to install the latest update, but for some reason when I tried using vital again the update completely glitched out, my screen was just blinking on and off like a shaky light, everything on vitals screen just flickered and glitched horribly and constantly, to the point where it was like staring into a strobe light. I decided that I was going to delete the update and just reinstall the old one. but now for some reason it lets me use the AU version but everytime I try to load it as a vst it says that the vst is broken and cannot be opened. Because of this and the fact that every song I have written in the last 5 years now will not load because they were written using the vst version. so now basically all my songs are ruined unless I can some how get vital to work as a vst, because if I just throw the AU on there it is going to reset the patches and undo all the frozen work I have done which relies heavily on randomization. I do not know what to do please help.

First and foremost, back up all your presets.
Next, clear out all your Vital installations.
Finally, reinstall the last stable version you used. Be sure to install it to the same path you had your vital vst in before.

Im having a similar problem. Downloaded 1.5 and installed it. Didn’t realize it wasn’t and update but a new version, tried the desktop standalone and it was the old version, so was the DAW version. Eventually uninstalled every version I could find and reinstalled the new version in several different places that I though the original install was but I can’t get the new version to open up on desktop and when I try to open it in Cubase 12 pro it crashes the DAW everytime now. Desktop version does nothing when you click the icon. I’m kind of screwed now because I use Vital so much.

windows i presume? i’d go ahead and look in Program Files and Vital to see if the .exe is in there, and make a new shortcut. I think a click drag holding alt will make a new shortcut on your desktop for the standalone. If I worked at Vital I would say ‘sorry for the inconvenience…’ and stuff. :slight_smile: